Feez Ruthning Collection of Opinion Books

  • Donor
    Allens Arthur Robinson
  • Physical description
  • Donation date
    August 30th, 2006
  • Collection
    Feez Ruthning Opinion Books

The Supreme Court of Queensland Library was honoured to receive the collection of Feez Ruthning Opinion Books, generously donated by Allens Arthur Robinson in 2006.  The Feez Ruthning volumes, dating from 1874 to 1994, are of great legal and historical interest relating to Queensland and include opinions from prominent legal minds such as Samuel Griffith, Charles Lilley, Patrick Real, Charles Stumm and Virgil Power.  As the only institution lawfully permitted to receive, preserve and provide access to such historical legal material, the Library has digitised the Feez Ruthning Opinion Books.  This project initiated the Supreme Court of Queensland Library’s ambitious digitisation program.

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