Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal Collection

  • Donor
    Dr Dayle Smith
  • Donation date
    February 25th, 2003

The Library has in its Legal Heritage Collection a wealth of fascinating material relating to the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal.  The trials were part of the International Military Tribunal in the Far East, and many of the documents are not otherwise accessible.  Painstakingly collected by Dr Dayle Smith for his PhD thesis "By What Authority", the material includes copies of newspaper articles, publications, reports, defence documents, memorandums, witness statements, tribunal documents, videos, microfilm and letters.  Highlights of the collection include:

  • Testimony of Hashimoto Kingoro, dated 17 January 1946 to 18 February 1946;
  • Interrogation of General Araki Sadao;
  • Factual account of the July 7th Incident by General Chin Ten Chun;
  • Letter of resignation as Prime Minister by Prince Fumimaro Konoye to the Emperor dated 16 October 1946.

The materials in this collection provide a unique insight into a set of trials that were in equal parts difficult, fascinating and controversial.  The Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal Collection is preserved in the Library Archives.  The Library is in the process of digitizing a number of the documents to make them available to the public.

Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal