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Adolph Feez
Adolph F M Feez, ca.1910
John Oxley Library
State Library of Queensland
Record number: 121049

New display in the Supreme Court Library Queensland— Adolph Feez (1858-1944)

Learn more about the life of Adolph Feez (1858-1944) with our new display on level 12.

Adolph Feez (1858-1944) was the co-founder of one of most important Queensland law firms of the twentieth century: Feez Ruthning. Adolph and his younger brother Arthur represented both sides of the split profession, and their familial bond fostered a collaborative working relationship that was unusually close for a solicitor and barrister.

Adolph and Arthur were the sons of Lieutenant-Colonel Albrecht Feez and Sophia Milford, the daughter of Moreton Bay’s first resident judge Samuel Frederick Milford. Albrecht was a Rockhampton-based merchant who immigrated to Queensland from Bavaria in 1852. He was elected to the Queensland Legislative Assembly in 1879.

Adolph was persuaded to join the law following a period of illness in 1881.

After stints as clerk for his uncle Henry Milford and cousin Ernest Milford, Adolph was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 1885. Adolph practised with a range of partners and under his own name until 1905 when he was joined in practice by Arthur Baynes. Adalbert Ruthning was added to the partnership in 1912, and from 1927 the firm was known as Feez Ruthning & Co. Feez’s legal legacy continues today as the multinational firm Allens.

The display includes photographs and selected diaries from Arthur Feez that record notable events of Adolph’s life, providing an overview of the professional life of the man while also illuminating aspects of Queensland’s legal history.