Legal Research Seminar and Workshop

Audience: Year 11 or 12 students undertaking a Legal Studies research paper
Duration: 2.5 – 3.5 hours
Group Size: Up to 25 students
Location: Level 12, Supreme Court Library Training Centre, Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law

Description: Legal Research Seminars are designed to introduce students to primary and secondary legal resources, and to provide an overview of legal research methodology.  Emphasis is placed on using free legal websites to find cases, legislation and other useful material for researching assignments.  Students will be given an introduction to popular legal databases including:

Seminars can be conducted in conjunction with a hands-on Student Research Workshop, which allows students to put into practice the legal research skills they have learnt.  During the Workshop, students have an opportunity to research an assignment or study topic using the Library’s extensive collection of legal resources.  Teachers must organise for students to bring their own devices (with Wi-Fi capabilities) to these Workshops. The Library can only set up a maximum of 10 computers for students without devices. Teachers are invited to submit a list of research topics prior to the visit so Library staff can provide tailored assistance to the students.