Courtroom Visit

Audience: High school students (content may not be suitable for Primary school students)
Duration: Cases start at 10am sharp, with a break from 1.00-2.30 pm
Group Size: 15 students per courtroom (large groups may need to be divided)
Location: Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law (Supreme and District Courts) 
Map of the Court: Accommodating Brisbane’s Supreme and District courts, The Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law has 39 courtrooms, including a large ceremonial court, the Court of Appeal, criminal and civil courts. Download the court map.

Description: Almost all Supreme and District Court cases are open to the public and usually start at 10.00 am, with a break in the afternoon from 1.00 – 2.30 pm. The Law List, which is published daily in The Courier Mail and on the Queensland Courts website, provides information on the cases that will be heard that day.  

When you arrive at the Court, the Security Officers can provide you with a list of suggested cases for viewing, including details of the court room and, if it is a criminal case, the nature of the offence.  It is important that students read and understand the Student's Guide to Court Etiquette before visiting the Courts.  The number of student visitors to the Courts each day has been restricted to minimise disruption to proceedings.  

Please note that viewing cases may not be suitable for school students, due to the nature of criminal proceedings and the fact that it is impossible to know what matters will be heard in the courts on any given day. Bookings can still be made, but please be aware that young students may be distressed by matters they see in court.

View from the Jury Box in a Queensland Courtroom