Schools Program

The Supreme Court Library offers an educational program for student visitors to the Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law. Each year, the Library hosts more than 8500 students at the Courts and provides tailored programs to suit curricula and learning requirements. Programs can be developed to cater for primary and secondary school groups of up to 50 students.

Depending on the size of your group and the amount of time you have available to spend at the Courts, school programs can include one or more of the following:

Before making a booking, please ensure that all students are familiar with a Student's Guide to Court Etiquette.

The Library has prepared a number of learning resources that will enhance school visits, by providing valuable information and activities related to Queensland Legal System.

Beyond the Textbook: Exploring Cases

Schools can also elect to take part in a guided case study, including a short quiz about the basic facts in the case and why the Judge reached their decision. These case studies are designed to introduce students to the art of reading a judgment and to pique their interest in the law.

Information about these cases and a copy of the quiz can be found on our Learning Resources page.

If you wish to include a case study as part of your Legal Research Seminar, please specify your request in the “Special Requests” comment box when making your booking.

For more information about the Schools Program you can contact us on (07) 3006 5134.


More about the Schools Program

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    Teachers are invited to provide feedback and suggestions so that we can continue to improve our program.

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